Why choose us?

Marty Grattan

Marty Grattan – HGV Mechanic & Maintenance Manager
Marty has 20 years of experience as an HGV Mechanic. A big Chelsea fan for his sins, Marty also has great a passion for horse racing, often attending race days in Leopardstown and Cheltenham, to name but a few! He is a man of many talents and did spend some time travelling, living it up in Australia during the early 2000s.

Marcin Ciesielczyk

Marcin Ciesielczyk – HGV Mechanic 
Marcin has 23 years of experience under his belt as an HGV Mechanic. He is a man with many years of experience in all things HGV and is big into his cars. Outside of cars and buses, Marcin is a big gamer! He prefers the PC over other consoles, with his latest gaming addiction being Cold War! A good choice if you ask me!

Stephen McKiernan

Stephen McKiernan – HGV Mechanic 

Stephen has 11 years of experience as an HGV Mechanic. Stephen is big into his cars. Outside of his 9-5, he can often be found out his back garden tinkering, where he spends most of his days modifying vehicles. Aside from cars and buses, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family, dog included! 

Kieran McAuliffe

Kieran McAuliffe – HGV Mechanic 
Kieran is one of the youngest members on our team and is qualified just over two years. Just like the other lads, he is big into his cars too. A man of few words, Kieran is quite relaxed about life and enjoys spending his free time watching TV, enjoying a good binge on Netflix when the moment presents itself!

Aaron Phelan

Aaron Phelan – Assistant HGV Mechanic 
Arron is one of the newest team members and is a 2nd-year apprentice, he started in January 2019 and is due to qualify in January 2024. In the meantime, he is getting as much experience under his belt as possible! Outside of cars and buses, Aaron is big into the gym, travelling and enjoys his fishing! Controversially he is not a big fan of the Bounty chocolate bar! Absolute madness if you ask me!