We care how you get there
Vision & Values

Vision & Values


To be a vibrant force in the world of transport and tourism by transporting customer experiences to new heights.


The Dualway Group is an innovative transport and tourism company caring for the needs of its customers,employees and affiliates…. through its commitment to safety, positive teamwork, and the friendly delivery of

exceptional products and services.


• Customer Focused

• Celtic Warrior Spirited

• Green & Socially Aware

• Innovate

• Uncompromising Safety

• Quality through Excellence

• Success Oriented

Customer Focused

• We meet our customers’ needs by delivering what they want and doing it excellently.• We engage with our customers’ to anticipate and move with their changing needs.

• We interact with our customers displaying warmth, humour and hospitality.

• We are people-oriented and willing to go the extra mile to deliver excellence.

• We treat our customers like family providing the family friendly touch.

• We work as a united and happy team to “make the customers’ day”.

• We believe that happy customers = a positive day in work = our company’s success.

Celtic Warrior Spirited

• We are passionate about our country and act as ambassadors for Ireland in our words and actions.• We embody the fighting Irish spirit remaining positive and tenacious in the face of challenge.

• We come to work with a positive attitude making work a fun place to be.

• We move with and champion change for the common good.

• We are free thinkers and challenge the status quo to achieve positive change.

• We work resourcefully to achieve greatness.

Green & Socially Aware

• We work as a team to ensure our long-term sustainability (ensuring job security).• We are committed to protecting the environment for future generations.

• We will contribute 1% of turnover annually to a worthy cause chosen by our team.

• We will work consistently to highlight and improve important social issues.


• By thinking and acting creatively we achieve success.• We are inspired by and learn from innovative people, leaders or companies.

• By thinking innovatively we see our weaknesses as opportunities to excel.

• We believe that one simple idea can achieve greatness.

Uncompromising Safety

• We act responsibly to ensure the safety of our stakeholders and the public at large.• We treat our workplace like home, our colleagues and customers like family and act accordingly.

health and safety

• We ensure that we are familiar with all safety policies and procedures.• We remain committed to the ongoing improvement and development of health and safety policies suggesting

improvements as we see them.

Quality through Excellence

• We always work to deliver excellence in everything we do.

• We are committed to doing the right thing and doing it right.

• We engage in ongoing training and development and see it as the lifeblood of quality and excellence.

• We are always looking for ways of making something good or great excellent.

• We believe that if we cannot deliver excellence then we shouldn’t be doing it and act accordingly.

• We present ourselves, our product, our premises and our vehicles immaculately.

Success Oriented

• We are a carefully selected team dedicated to growing the success of our company.

• We measure our success on the ability to make profit, achieve targets and remain sustainable.

• We do everything with the intention of being the best.

• We are committed to success by developing our products, services and people in line with best in class.

• We see success in the recognition we receive from our stakeholders, affiliates, peers and society at large.

• We believe success is having a positive day at work and being acknowledged and rewarded accordingly.