Why choose us?

Who Are We

We are a friendly team of local and international drivers, guides, logistics, fleet engineers and customer service agents. We are passionate about Ireland and dedicated to delivering great travel experiences.  We are confident that our Vision and Values will enable us to become the undisputed Travel and Tourism Company in Ireland.

A multi-award winner, Dualway is a second-generation family-owned and operated business.

Our Core Values


Fulfilling the travel experience by Moving People!


We are passionate about delivering great travel experiences!


We believe in putting people first!

Our Working Environment


We choose our partners as carefully as we choose our own team and we work smart with partners and society to achieve win/win relationships.


We listen to our customers’ needs so that we can work with the country’s most respected travel and tourism businesses to offer the best in public and tailored travel in and from Dublin.


Our drivers, guides and support team have been chosen because of the passion and fun they bring to their role and our customers tell us how much a part of the travel experience our team are.


Our team receive top class training and coaching to add to the Group’s culture of continuous improvement.


We make a booking and keeping in touch easy. Our customer charter sets out in a simple no-nonsense way what you can expect when you book with The Dualway Group.


Teamwork – We believe in moving people together. Working closely with our customers and partners from planning to delivery we cater for small family groups to the larger conferences/events.