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COVID-19 Update – A Message from our CEO

COVID-19 Update – A Message from our CEO


Dear Dualway Traveller,


We wish to advise you on our Covid-19 awareness policy implemented as of today:


Our passenger community demographic is not in a high-risk group, however we are taking some precautionary measures.

If you have had contact with secondary possible carrier, please do not travel on our services for 12 days even if asymptomatic – we shall of course extend validity of staff passes as required for this period. Please respect your fellow passengers. You can keep updated on the service via social media. We shall post up regular updates about the Hopper service.


Measures we are taking include:

  • Using a high quality anti-bacterial/viral disinfectant ‘Miltons’ on our vehicles.
  • Sterilising all our cleaning cloths daily in bleach.
  • We are not accepting cash on any vehicle until further notice.


Measures we advise our passengers to take:

  • Bring your own hand sanitiser and to use this or wash your hands after every journey.
  • If you have not had the influenza jab this season, it might be worth getting; a weakened immune system is an opening for Covid-19 infection.


Stay Calm. Stay Well. Stay in Touch.




Trish McConn