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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

“Protecting the environment for future generations”

One of Dualway’s core values is to work as a sustainable, green organisation. As a transport company Dualway reduces the number of cars on the roads by operating its scheduled service (Airport Hopper) and school runs.

Environmental Policy – Dualway Fleet:

Dualway is committed to its team and its community. That’s why we strive to operate a near zero emissions fleet. Dualway’s fleet is minimum Euro 3, guaranteeing the lowest of emissions by European standards. Dualway’s aim to reduce fuel usage by 15% per annum has led to its acquisition of a second depot 4kms from Dublin City Centre and this coupled with ongoing driver refresher courses focusing on “Green Driving” are helping achieve reduced fuel usage.

Environmental Policy – Dualway Depot:

Dualway has undergone an energy audit by SEI leading to further management of energy consumption throughout the organisation.
* Energy efficient lighting
* Fuel efficient route planning
* Green Drive initiative
* Reduction in fuel usage by 15%

Upcoming plans include:
* Installation of rainwater harvesting system to supply vehicle wash
* Appointment of energy officer